About Tamingar Co.

The Tamingar Company has started professional activities in the steel industry, melting, rolling and casting, since 2007-2008. This company by employing the best specialists and experienced engineers has become one of the most important producer and supplier of the materials, equipment and spare parts and also has a active role in the consulting and technical services of the mentioned industry.

Types of Ferro silicon, High Carbon Ferro Manganese, Ferro Silico Manganese, Ferro chrome, Ferro Silico Magnesium …
Graphite (low, middle and high) Sulphur Spray Nozzle for Continuous casting machine (CCM) Mica paper and fiber glass cloth Olivine EBT Sand Ceramic coated lance pipe
Roller Rolling Lines

Metallurgical Coke Oxygen Lance Pipe in different thickness and lengths
Oxygen lance holders
Spray Nozzle for Continuous casting machine (CCM)

Equipment and Spare parts of the Induction and arc furnaces Continuous casting machine and spare parts Refractories furnace, Ladle and tundish Spare parts and refractories of rolling lines

Ferro alloys and mineral raw materials in the region countries

Selection of process and equipment, installation, training, setting up and exploitation of the iron and steel sector Optimization of the production processes in order to reduce consumption coefficients and to increase Efficiency Implementation of new methods for refractory of patil and how to use the cold tundish

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